Friday, August 1, 2008

A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...

Tis a must at the Wilhoit's!

Fridge Full of Jello

Sometimes Heath's Kitchen is taken over by his wife.
For example, 100 jello cells...

The Incredible, Jello-Cell-O!
Rhianon is a middle school teacher and used Jello and candy
to represent the 3D aspect of cells and their organelles.
Students sampled the mitochondria,
in order to have energy for the creation process.
Tasty Organelles!
Dissection of the plant cell.
Heath was able to do all the testing... and loved it!


Inspired after approximately 10 viewings of the move Ratatulli,
Rhianon attempted the famous dish... it was tasty.

More Tasty Salmon! Yum!


Make Your Own Sushi Party

Deep Fried Turkey

A new technique... Avoiding the burn!

Will it work? Will I successfully deep fry a
turkey without getting plashed by the oil?...

The wingys did their own thingys and wifey had to sacrifice and save the day.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dagut Root Donuts

Dagut Root, harvested from our front yard

One of many adventures with Uncle Dave

Auntie Kina working her magic, ground and mixed root into batter.

This takes talent!

The masterpiece complete, aren't they fabulous?
(the people and the doughnuts!)